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1st 00:08NSHHitKevin Klein hit Vinny Prospal
1st 00:16NSHHitMartin Erat hit Michal Rozsival
1st 00:30NYRShotVinny Prospal Wrist Shot
1st 00:39NYRShotChris Drury Slap Shot
1st 00:42NSHHitKevin Klein hit Erik Christensen
1st 02:04NSHShotFrancis Bouillon Wrist Shot
1st 02:07NSHShotFrancis Bouillon Wrist Shot
1st 02:31NSHHitJordin Tootoo hit Michael Del Zotto
1st 03:11NYRHitRyan Callahan hit Wade Belak
1st 03:20NSHShotJerred Smithson Wrist Shot
1st 03:28NYRHitBrian Boyle hit Colin Wilson
1st 03:42NYRHitChris Drury hit Martin Erat
1st 04:01NSHShotJoel Ward Tip-In
1st 05:07NYRHitBrandon Dubinsky hit Kevin Klein
1st 07:09NSHHitMartin Erat hit Michael Del Zotto
1st 07:31NYRShotBrandon Dubinsky Slap Shot
1st 07:32NSHPenaltyJoel Ward Holding against Michal Rozsival
1st 08:04NYRShotOlli Jokinen Backhand
1st 08:21NSHShotRyan Suter Backhand
1st 08:30NYRShotBrandon Dubinsky Wrist Shot
1st 10:03NSHHitJ-P Dumont hit Sean Avery
1st 10:23NYRHitDan Girardi hit Jason Arnott
1st 10:50NSHHitMartin Erat hit Michal Rozsival
1st 10:57NSHShotColin Wilson Wrist Shot
1st 11:08NYRPenaltyErik Christensen Hooking against Colin Wilson
1st 11:30NYRHitRyan Callahan hit Shea Weber
1st 12:03NSHHitSteve Sullivan hit Brandon Dubinsky
1st 13:34NYRHitMichael Del Zotto hit Jordin Tootoo
1st 13:39NYRShotErik Christensen Snap Shot
1st 13:45NYRShotVinny Prospal Wrist Shot
1st 14:40NYRShotMatt Gilroy Wrist Shot
1st 15:11NYRPenaltyEnver Lisin Slashing against Kevin Klein
1st 15:16NSHHitPatric Hornqvist hit Dan Girardi
1st 15:41NSHShotJason Arnott Tip-In
1st 15:54NSHShotJason Arnott Tip-In
1st 16:52NYRHitDan Girardi hit Francis Bouillon
1st 17:04NSHShotCal O'Reilly Snap Shot
1st 17:07NSHShotCal O'Reilly Wrist Shot
1st 17:45NSHGoalJordin Tootoo (3) Deflected, assists: Kevin Klein (8), David Legwand (20)
1st 19:00NYRHitSean Avery hit Martin Erat
1st 19:31NYRPenaltyCorey Potter Interference against Jordin Tootoo
1st 19:49NYRShotRyan Callahan Wrist Shot
1st 19:49NSHPenaltySteve Sullivan Holding against Ryan Callahan
2nd 00:47NSHHitRyan Suter hit Vinny Prospal
2nd 01:23NYRShotErik Christensen Wrist Shot
2nd 01:56NYRHitSean Avery hit Francis Bouillon
2nd 02:01NSHShotJordin Tootoo Wrist Shot
2nd 02:29NYRHitWade Redden hit Jordin Tootoo
2nd 02:30NSHShotMartin Erat Wrist Shot
2nd 02:47NYRShotCorey Potter Wrist Shot
2nd 03:25NYRShotOlli Jokinen Wrist Shot
2nd 03:29NYRShotMichal Rozsival Slap Shot
2nd 03:36NSHShotJ-P Dumont Wrist Shot
2nd 04:36NYRHitEnver Lisin hit David Legwand
2nd 04:47NSHShotJordin Tootoo Backhand
2nd 05:15NSHHitWade Belak hit Wade Redden
2nd 06:48NSHHitJoel Ward hit Michael Del Zotto
2nd 07:10NYRHitBrian Boyle hit Colin Wilson
2nd 07:46NSHShotColin Wilson Wrist Shot
2nd 07:50NSHPenaltyMartin Erat Tripping against Erik Christensen
2nd 08:09NYRShotVinny Prospal Backhand
2nd 08:51NSHPenaltySteve Sullivan Slashing against Erik Christensen
2nd 09:29NYRShotVinny Prospal Snap Shot
2nd 09:48NYRGoalVinny Prospal (12) Wrist Shot, assists: Olli Jokinen (26)
2nd 10:10NSHHitFrancis Bouillon hit Sean Avery
2nd 11:15NSHShotSteve Sullivan Backhand
2nd 11:26NYRHitBrandon Dubinsky hit Shea Weber
2nd 11:49NYRHitOlli Jokinen hit Jason Arnott
2nd 11:55NYRHitBrandon Dubinsky hit Steve Sullivan
2nd 11:59NYRShotBrandon Dubinsky Wrist Shot
2nd 12:22NSHHitShea Weber hit Vinny Prospal
2nd 12:26NSHHitMartin Erat hit Michal Rozsival
2nd 12:33NSHShotColin Wilson Wrist Shot
2nd 12:34NYRPenaltyMichael Del Zotto Hooking against Martin Erat
2nd 13:37NSHShotFrancis Bouillon Slap Shot
2nd 13:41NSHHitColin Wilson hit Dan Girardi
2nd 14:17NYRShotArtem Anisimov Wrist Shot
2nd 15:02NSHShotCal O'Reilly Tip-In
2nd 15:18NYRHitDan Girardi hit Dan Hamhuis
2nd 16:08NSHShotShea Weber Slap Shot
2nd 16:10NSHGoalColin Wilson (2) Wrist Shot, assists: none
2nd 17:22NSHShotSteve Sullivan Slap Shot
2nd 18:51NSHShotCal O'Reilly Wrist Shot
2nd 18:56NYRHitVinny Prospal hit Martin Erat
2nd 18:56NSHHitMartin Erat hit Vinny Prospal
2nd 19:13NYRShotArtem Anisimov Backhand
2nd 19:27NYRHitMarc Staal hit Joel Ward
2nd 19:37NYRShotArtem Anisimov Backhand
3rd 00:13NYRShotChris Drury Wrist Shot
3rd 01:04NSHHitDan Hamhuis hit Ryan Callahan
3rd 01:23NYRHitRyan Callahan hit Ryan Suter
3rd 01:29NSHHitJason Arnott hit Brandon Dubinsky
3rd 02:14NYRShotEnver Lisin Backhand
3rd 02:45NSHPenaltyAlexander Sulzer Hooking against Chris Drury
3rd 03:03NSHHitDan Hamhuis hit Olli Jokinen
3rd 03:33NYRShotErik Christensen Deflected
3rd 03:42NYRShotBrandon Dubinsky Wrist Shot
3rd 03:46NYRHitArtem Anisimov hit Joel Ward
3rd 04:04NYRShotMatt Gilroy Wrist Shot
3rd 04:10NSHHitFrancis Bouillon hit Artem Anisimov
3rd 04:13NYRShotArtem Anisimov Wrap-around
3rd 05:00NYRShotChris Drury Slap Shot
3rd 05:13NYRShotChris Drury Slap Shot
3rd 05:26NSHHitAlexander Sulzer hit Marc Staal
3rd 05:51NSHShotJordin Tootoo Slap Shot
3rd 06:04NSHShotPatric Hornqvist Slap Shot
3rd 06:11NSHShotJordin Tootoo Snap Shot
3rd 06:32NYRShotWade Redden Snap Shot
3rd 06:37NYRHitArtem Anisimov hit Martin Erat
3rd 06:44NSHShotJordin Tootoo Wrist Shot
3rd 07:26NYRShotVinny Prospal Slap Shot
3rd 07:33NYRShotVinny Prospal Wrist Shot
3rd 07:42NSHShotPatric Hornqvist Wrist Shot
3rd 07:58NSHShotSteve Sullivan Wrist Shot
3rd 08:03NSHShotFrancis Bouillon Slap Shot
3rd 08:05NSHShotFrancis Bouillon Slap Shot
3rd 08:31NYRHitMichael Del Zotto hit J-P Dumont
3rd 08:58NYRHitMichael Del Zotto hit J-P Dumont
3rd 09:16NSHShotJoel Ward Slap Shot
3rd 09:43NSHShotJoel Ward Wrist Shot
3rd 10:05NYRHitRyan Callahan hit Kevin Klein
3rd 11:25NYRShotSean Avery Wrist Shot
3rd 12:57NYRHitMarc Staal hit Jason Arnott
3rd 13:50NYRHitRyan Callahan hit Patric Hornqvist
3rd 14:31NSHShotCal O'Reilly Backhand
3rd 14:44NSHShotRyan Suter Wrist Shot
3rd 14:58NSHHitShea Weber hit Brandon Dubinsky
3rd 16:29NYRHitDan Girardi hit J-P Dumont
3rd 16:48NYRShotMichal Rozsival Slap Shot
3rd 17:30NSHHitDan Hamhuis hit Artem Anisimov
3rd 17:46NYRShotChris Drury Snap Shot
3rd 17:48NYRShotArtem Anisimov Wrist Shot
3rd 18:09NYRHitOlli Jokinen hit Shea Weber
3rd 18:18NYRShotVinny Prospal Wrist Shot
3rd 18:18NSHHitShea Weber hit Marc Staal
3rd 18:19NYRShotVinny Prospal Wrist Shot
3rd 19:12NYRShotMichael Del Zotto Wrist Shot
3rd 19:29NYRHitRyan Callahan hit Steve Sullivan
3rd 19:41NYRHitVinny Prospal hit Joel Ward
3rd 19:56NSHPenaltyJoel Ward Slashing against Brandon Dubinsky
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2D. HamhuisD0010021:31
3W. BelakR000003:50
6S. WeberD0001023:03
8K. KleinD0110021:59
10M. EratR0001220:07
11D. LegwandC0110015:30
16C. O'ReillyC0005015:51
19J. ArnottC0002019:41
20R. SuterD0002023:31
22J. TootooR1016010:37
25J. SmithsonC000106:32
26S. SullivanL0003416:57
27P. HornqvistR0002017:14
29J. WardR0013417:14
33C. WilsonL1004014:17
51F. BouillonD0005016:18
52A. SulzerD0000211:01
71J. DumontR0001014:45
39D. Ellis3738.97460:00
4M. Del ZottoD00-11420:10
5D. GirardiD0000017:56
6W. ReddenD0001015:51
8B. PrustL000004:11
12O. JokinenC01-12022:27
16S. AveryL0001012:11
17B. DubinskyC0004020:21
18M. StaalD0000018:31
20V. ProspalL10-19021:23
22B. BoyleC000005:58
23C. DruryC0005022:02
24R. CallahanR0001027:00
26E. ChristensenC0003215:35
33M. RozsivalD0002020:55
42A. AnisimovC00-15014:33
44C. PotterD000128:28
81E. LisinR0001212:24
97M. GilroyD00-12012:22
30H. Lundqvist3436.94458:06
scoring summary
1st Period
17:45NSH Jordin Tootoo (3) ASST: Kevin Klein (9), David Legwand (21) 1 - 0 NSH
2nd Period
09:48NYR PPG - Vinny Prospal (12) ASST: Olli Jokinen (26) 1 - 1 Tie
16:10NSH PPG - Colin Wilson (2) ASST: NONE 2 - 1 NSH
3rd Period
penalty summary
1st Period
07:32NSH Joel Ward  Holding against  Michal Rozsival
11:08NYR Erik Christensen  Hooking against  Colin Wilson
15:11NYR Enver Lisin  Slashing against  Kevin Klein
19:31NYR Corey Potter  Interference against  Jordin Tootoo
19:49NSH Steve Sullivan  Holding against  Ryan Callahan
2nd Period
07:50NSH Martin Erat  Tripping against  Erik Christensen
08:51NSH Steve Sullivan  Slashing against  Erik Christensen
12:34NYR Michael Del Zotto  Hooking against  Martin Erat
12:34NYR Michael Del Zotto  Unsportsmanlike conduct
3rd Period
02:45NSH Alexander Sulzer  Hooking against  Chris Drury
19:56NSH Joel Ward  Slashing against  Brandon Dubinsky
shots by period
Team Stats
Power Plays1/51/6
Faceoff Wins2826
Blocked Shots1513
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