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Nashville Predators Message Board FAQs

Wednesday, 08.12.2009 / 3:44 PM CT / Fan Zone
Nashville Predators
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Nashville Predators Message Board FAQs
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I can't log in with my username. What gives?
Good question. We have made some improvements to our board system and have tied it into the entire network of NHL sites. Some members' usernames will be affected in the move. Because we are integrating the message board user base for all 30 NHL teams, there will be cases of duplicate usernames. In the case that we have to alter your username to avoid duplication, we will do our best to make your new username as close to the original as possible. The good news is that all of your old posts and your message count will move to the new username.

OK. My username changed. How do I find my new one?
Just sign in with your email address and the same password you have always used. Once you are signed in, your new username will show up in your greeting message and your new name will be tied to all of your old and new posts.

I can't remember my password. How can I get a new password?
Unfortunately the board administrators are no longer able to re-set passwords for board memebers under the new system. However, if you click on the "Forgot Your Username or Password?" link in the sign in box (see example on the right), you will be prompted for your e-mail address and then a new password and instructions will be e-mailed to you.

Will I lose my current identity, total posts count, etc.?
No. All of your old posts and your post count WILL be maintained in the move. You will not lose any of your historic information and it will all be tied to your new profile.

What if I have a username on NHL.com and on my team message board?
If you have the same username on our boards as you do on NHL.com you are all set. The username will work in both places and the entire NHL network.

If you have separate usernames on our team message board and on NHL.com, your username and information will be merged into the NHL.com username. All your posts, post count and history will be saved and assigned to your updated username.

How do I change my profile/avatar?
Avatar and profile are the same thing now. Go to My Home > Edit Profile > Change Profile Pic.

Why is a different suffix of numbers is attached to my screenname with every post?
There is a bug that should be fixed now that was causing the user name to "shift" numbers at the end of the name. If it is still doing it, please send your user name and email address and we'll fix that for you.

How do I change my new username/go back to the old one?
Unfortunately you can't do that right now. Because we moved into the NHL.com single sign on, we've had instances of users having the same user names. We are exploring ways to make it possible for you to change your user name but at the current time there's no way to do that. We'll keep you posted.

Are the boards going to continue to go this slow or will they speed up once all the "kinks" have been worked out?
We're working on updates to make the boards faster every day.

I haven't found a "first unread" button but if you click on a thread, there's a Pred head symbol on the posts you haven't read yet...
The Pred Head symbol indicates a regular topic with new posts.
The other icon that says “Nashville” indicates a hot topic (many replies) with new posts. Both icons can be clicked on to take you to the first new reply since last visit. If you click on a new post icon but you've never read the topic before, you will be taken to the lead post.

What other kinds of surprises can I expect to find?
Not only will we be updating our current boards and tying them in more closely to our team site but you will now have the ability to create enhanced profiles, upload photos, video and create and join groups among other upgrades that will be rolled out.

We will also be connected to the NHL.com network of forums so not only will your username work within these message boards, but it will also work in the other teams' forums (if you want to talk smack with those guys ;) , the NHL.com forums and all of the NHL team websites. It is one sign in for your whole NHL experience - one stop shopping!

I'm still having issues. Who can I contact for help?
Send all issues to Predators@nashvillepredators.com and we will work on getting your issues resolved.




1 CHI 56 36 16 4 158 128 76
2 DAL 53 33 15 5 170 142 71
3 STL 55 30 17 8 132 129 68
4 LAK 51 31 17 3 135 117 65
5 SJS 51 27 20 4 147 138 58
6 NSH 53 25 20 8 136 139 58
7 COL 55 27 24 4 148 152 58
8 ANA 50 25 18 7 111 115 57
9 MIN 52 23 20 9 127 126 55
10 ARI 52 24 22 6 138 161 54
11 VAN 52 20 20 12 120 142 52
12 CGY 51 23 25 3 134 148 49
13 WPG 52 23 26 3 136 150 49
14 EDM 54 21 28 5 132 164 47


R. Josi 53 10 27 -2 37
S. Weber 53 14 21 -4 35
F. Forsberg 53 15 18 -6 33
M. Ribeiro 53 6 27 3 33
J. Neal 53 19 13 18 32
M. Ekholm 53 6 16 3 22
R. Ellis 52 6 15 2 21
C. Smith 53 11 6 -1 17
C. Jarnkrok 52 9 7 0 16
C. Wilson 36 4 12 0 16
P. Rinne 20 17 7 .904 2.50
C. Hutton 5 2 1 .916 2.36