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Q & A with Prospect Cal O'Reilly

Thursday, 06.25.2009 / 6:45 AM CT / Features
By Sarah Ryan  - Nashville Predators
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Q & A with Prospect Cal O\'Reilly

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NashvillePredators.com recently caught up with prospect Cal O'Reilly, finding out about his summer, his training for next season and his thoughts on his brother Ryan being a top prospect in this year's draft.
O'Reilly, a fifth-round pick by the Predators in the 2005 Entry Draft, had a break-through season in 2008-09, including his NHL debut and first NHL goal.

NashvillePredators.com: How has your summer been so far?
Cal O’Reilly: It’s been great. I took a few weeks off after the season ended here in Milwaukee. I started training three weeks ago and everything is going good. I’m spending some time in Milwaukee until early July - my girlfriend works here so I’m staying with her for a bit - then I’m heading back to Canada to my parents place to stay there and finish my training.

NP.com: What are you doing to get ready for the season?
CO: I’m working on strength and explosiveness and all the aspects you need for hockey. I’m staking a little bit, not a lot right now, but as we get closer to the season I’ll start skating more and more. I’m just getting ready.

What is your overall feeling from last season, both in Milwaukee and in Nashville?
CO: I think in Milwaukee we had a great season. It would have been nice to go a little further in the playoffs; we had a tough game-seven loss. But I think we had a great year down there. Then to get some time in Nashville was great. Getting to play some games and get some experience up there was great as well.

NP.com: Can you talk about your debut up here and what the experience was like?
CO: It was great. It was everything I expected it to be. I’d always wanted to play in the NHL and to finally get that chance was amazing. The guys were great with me and I had a lot of fun and I learned a lot.

NP.com: Now that you have seen what it is like up here, what areas of your game do you think you need to work on to be here full time?
CO: I’ve got to get a little bigger, a little stronger. That’s something I’ve been working on for a year and that will help me up there. Up there the guys are so big and strong that you need to be a little bigger and stronger to survive up there.

NP.com: Switching gears here, can you talk about your draft experience?
CO: I was fifth round, I think, and I didn’t know if I was going to go or not but when it happened I was just thrilled to get drafted. I wasn’t there but I watched on the internet. Then the management called me and congratulated me and said that they had chosen me.

                                                              Ryan O'Reilly
NP.com: Your brother (Ryan O’Reilly) is set to be drafted this year. Can you talk about his situation?
CO: He is going a totally different way than I did. I think he is going in the top two rounds, hopefully. He’s been doing all kinds of things the last few weeks – meeting with teams, doing interviews, fitness testing. He’s really excited and it is going to be a big day for him on Friday or Saturday.

NP.com: Have you spoken with him much about the draft experience?
CO: Yes. Though, I didn’t go through the same things he did with the combine testing, other testing, meetings and such, I just told him it doesn’t matter where you get drafted, just be happy to be drafted. If you go high, that’s great; if not, don’t get too down on yourself because it’s not about how high you go, it’s about how you do in the future and how you develop as a player.

Can you give us a scouting report on your brother?
CO: He is like me in that he likes to pass the puck a lot but he is a bigger kid – more of a power-forward type. He has great hands, is great defensively, a good penalty killer, good shot – he’s an all-around player.





1 CHI 56 36 16 4 158 128 76
2 DAL 53 33 15 5 170 142 71
3 STL 55 30 17 8 132 129 68
4 LAK 51 31 17 3 135 117 65
5 SJS 51 27 20 4 147 138 58
6 NSH 53 25 20 8 136 139 58
7 COL 55 27 24 4 148 152 58
8 ANA 50 25 18 7 111 115 57
9 MIN 52 23 20 9 127 126 55
10 ARI 52 24 22 6 138 161 54
11 VAN 52 20 20 12 120 142 52
12 CGY 51 23 25 3 134 148 49
13 WPG 52 23 26 3 136 150 49
14 EDM 53 21 27 5 131 156 47


R. Josi 53 10 27 -2 37
S. Weber 53 14 21 -4 35
F. Forsberg 53 15 18 -6 33
M. Ribeiro 53 6 27 3 33
J. Neal 53 19 13 18 32
M. Ekholm 53 6 16 3 22
R. Ellis 52 6 15 2 21
C. Smith 53 11 6 -1 17
C. Jarnkrok 52 9 7 0 16
C. Wilson 36 4 12 0 16
P. Rinne 20 17 7 .904 2.50
C. Hutton 5 2 1 .916 2.36