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Sully Says ... In-Game Blog (Game 1)

Thursday, 04.10.2008 / 7:20 PM CT / Features
Nashville Predators
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Sully Says ... In-Game Blog (Game 1)
Steve Sullivan's In-game Blog During Game 1 of the Conference Quarterfinals at Detroit

First Period
This is exactly the start we wanted. The guys are dominating right now. We got them caught deep in their zone for two consecutive shifts, which led to Lidstrom's penalty. It would be nice to score here on the power-play to take the crowd out of if early.

This is a huge kill for us. We don't want them to get momentum. Their power-play is one of the best in the league and our penalty kill finished third in the league. This match-up on special teams may determine the series.

We had a couple of chance to clear the puck and weren't successful. Against a team like Detroit you can't make those mistakes or they'll make you pay.

I really think we're doing well with puck possession. We're playing a team that prides themselves in controlling the puck even deep in their own end. We need to take advantage of that and get some more shots on net. Right now everything's on the perimeter for us. We need to get to the net and test Hasek more.

Arnott just missed. What a great play by J.P. there to get the puck to Arny.

Great saves by Elly on the PK.

All of Detroit's chances are coming off of our giveaways. They haven't created their own chances. As the game goes on and we settle our nerves, their chances should be less likely.

End First Period
I think it's an OK period for the Predators. We didn't take full advantage of our chances, but didn't give them much either, so we've got some stuff we can build off for the second period.

Second Period
Both teams are settling in. It looks like it's going to be a classic Predators/Red Wings game. These have been tight games all year.

We're working hard and creating offensive chances. We've been able to get power-plays, but we haven't converted them yet. The power-play has to be successful for us to have success in the playoffs. We need to start burrying our chances.

Good play by Zanon to prevent the scoring opportunity. Here comes a big penalty kill.

I think it's becoming more of a dump-and-chase and that's not what we're looking for. We need to get back to an agressive forecheck. We need to get on their defensemen. We need to be physical. We're getting into their hockey which is just neutral zone play and killing the clock. We need to create some more pressure on these guys and start taking it to them.

That was a great team goal by us, created by pressure. It was a great dump-in. Because Bochenski was giving pressure on Chelios, who really didn't want to go back and get hit, Chelios let the puck go. It went back to the point. Zanon let it go. It just goes to show you, never a bad idea to put the puck on net. Zanon throws it on net, Hasek can't see it clear, Tootoo redirects it and it sneaks in. Now the game's all tied late second period.

End Second Period
The boys have to be a little worried about chances against that we've been giving up, but we have to be pretty happy to be tied after two. We have to be sure to limit their chances against in the third period. Offensively we have to keep up the pressure and get back to the puck possession game.

Third Period
Sorry, intense action here. Hard for me to keep up with the blogging. I thought we were starting to get some momentum there. Bad break that the linesman got in the way a little on Weber's first clearing attempt. But still a great play by Zetterberg on their goal. He deflected Weber's second clearing attempt, which kepth the puck in the zone and then after Datsyuk picked up the puck, created space for the one-timer.

Need to get the kill here to keep it a one-goal game. We've had a bunch of come-backs this year. We just can't let them get up by two.

We still have some time left. We've lived by the comeback this year. Need to get one more. Hopefully we can create some pressure, maybe get another power-play. The power-play has been the story of the game for us. We've gotten some chances, but just weren't able to capitalize. Hopefully we can get one more PP and make it count.

Empty net goal at the end. What can you say.





1 CHI 58 36 18 4 160 134 76
2 DAL 55 35 15 5 178 147 75
3 STL 56 30 17 9 133 130 69
4 LAK 53 32 18 3 146 124 67
5 SJS 53 28 20 5 154 143 61
6 ANA 53 26 19 8 120 125 60
7 COL 57 28 25 4 153 158 60
8 NSH 54 25 21 8 139 144 58
9 MIN 54 23 21 10 133 134 56
10 VAN 54 22 20 12 125 144 56
11 ARI 53 24 23 6 139 163 54
12 CGY 53 25 25 3 143 156 53
13 WPG 54 24 27 3 139 157 51
14 EDM 56 22 29 5 138 168 49


R. Josi 54 11 27 -3 38
F. Forsberg 54 17 18 -7 35
S. Weber 54 14 21 -5 35
M. Ribeiro 54 6 27 2 33
J. Neal 54 19 13 18 32
M. Ekholm 54 6 18 3 24
R. Ellis 53 6 16 2 22
C. Smith 54 11 7 -2 18
C. Jarnkrok 53 9 8 0 17
C. Wilson 37 4 12 -1 16
P. Rinne 20 18 7 .903 2.54
C. Hutton 5 2 1 .916 2.36