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One-on-One with Shea Weber Web Chat

Thursday, 03.27.2008 / 5:33 PM CT / Features
Nashville Predators
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One-on-One with Shea Weber Web Chat
Following Thursday's practice, Predators defenseman Shea Weber answered questions submitted by you the fans. Weber addressed issues ranging from video games to his experience with the 2005 Canadian World Junior team.

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Brandy (Nashville): What is one of your favorite Predator memories and/or moments?
Shea Weber: My first game. My first NHL game was probably the biggest moment for me. You dream about it as a kid growing up back home playing road hockey or on the ice. It was just like a dream come true.

Rebecca (Milwaukee): What is the best thing about playing in the NHL?
SW: Just coming to the rink every day and seeing a group of guys that are like a family to you. It's special. Especially moving away from home and not having a lot of family around here. Everyone's your best friend. It's like home for me.

Shay (Kelowna, B.C.): How has missing so many games with leg injuries affected your game plan for the 07-08 season?
SW: It hasn't really changed my game plans, it was just a little set back. Training all summer long for the season and to go out in the first game like that was tough. But we still have five more big games left here in the regular season and a chance to get into the playoffs and go on a run for the Stanley Cup. So the year's not over yet. We're still looking forward to getting into the playoffs.

Taylor (Shelbyville): Who is the hardest player for you to play against and what makes playing against them such a challenge?
SW: That's tough. I guess I'd have to go with Sidney Crosby because he's such a dynamic player. He's so good with the puck. It's almost impossible to knock him off the puck. He's a complete player. He can do everything you'd ever want to do with a hockey puck.

Amanda (Vancouver): What was it like to be a part of the 2005 Canadian World Junior Team (one that many have called the best junior team ever)? And are you surprised at all how so many of those players have become stars in the NHL so quickly?
SW: It was a pretty unbelievable experience for me. It was something new. It was my first international experience. To be able to bring home Gold was something special. I don't think it's really surprising at all how many players have made it to the NHL so far. Development-wise that year, a lot of the guys were even ready that year (to play in the NHL). I think it just goes to show the caliber of players we had that year.

Elijah C. (Walpole Island First Nation): I am an 8 year old boy who loves playing hockey. I am wondering how I can increase my speed and improve my backwards skating?
SW: Just keep working on it. Be technically sound in what you do. Ask your coaches for help or a lot of teaching videos are on the internet. Basically just keep working on it and as your body grows you'll naturally get stronger and faster. As long as you make an effort to improve your technique, it'll come.

Jean (The 'Boro): I read that you and Chris Mason enjoy your video games, so, what are your Top Three Choices for Best Video Games Ever Made?
SW: I have to go with NHL, obviously; the NHL series. I'm kind of a sports guy. I like the baseball and football games. Pretty much hockey, baseball, and football are my top three.

Julie (Nashville): What are your plans for the off season? How do you stay hockey fit all summer long?
SW: Usually when the season's over I stay here for a little while. I plan to go home, depending on how long the season goes, hopefully not until late June. Take a couple weeks off and really do nothing. Relax and take some time to myself. After that it's back to working out; training every morning and starting to skate again to get ready for the next season.

Dawn (Nashville): Knowing that you played baseball growing up, have you have been to see the Nashville Sounds? Do you plan on attending any games this season?
SW: Yeah, I've been to a couple. I went to one or two games last year and two the year before that. I definitely like to go to some of those games as well as the Vanderbilt baseball games. I haven't had a chance to do batting practice, but we did get a chance to do batting practice at the Oakland A's fantasy camp when we were out in Phoenix. That was a pretty special experience. Brought back a lot of memories.

Catherine (Nashville): I know that Nickelback is your favorite band. Have you gotten a chance to see them when they have come to Nashville? Also, what is your favorite song to listen to?
SW: Actually, yeah, I've seen them three times in concert. I saw them twice back home and I saw them once here in Nashville. I've been there a few times. My favorite song, wow, probably "Rockstar" right now.

Cassandra (Nashville): Can you work your way around the kitchen? If so, what is one of your specialties?
SW: I cook more during the off-season. But I'm a meat and potatoes kind of a guy. A nice grilled steak and some potatoes is probably my go-to meal.

Jamie (Nashville): What is the significance of the tattoo on your ankle?
SW: It was just something that a bunch of us – originally it was going to be the whole team – if we won we were going to get tattoos. I think a few people – maybe because of their parents – decided not to get it. It's just something that you've accomplished with a group of guys who you played with for three or four years, so it's something to remember it.

David (Lavergne): What do you like better, making a bit hit or ripping a big slap shot?
SW: Hmm, tough choice, but probably a big hit. I've always enjoyed to get in the nice big collision and make the other guys think twice about coming down ice my way.





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