Show Your Halloween Preds Pride

Carve Your Pumpkin with Smashville Themed Cutouts

Monday, 10.29.2012 / 1:05 PM
Nashville Predators

Get your Preds themed stencils here

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Get Your Preds Pumpkin Stencils

Click on the links below for your Preds pumpkin stencils. Print out the stencil of your choice and then cut on the dotted lines to turn your Halloween Pumpkin into a Preds Fan!

Check out some good pointers for ideal pumpkin carving:

Scraping the front wall (where your design will be) thinner will make carving easier. Coat the cut edges with a layer of petroleum jelly. This helps seal in the pumpkin's moisture, extending its life for several extra days.Check out this site for more good pointers

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