Wednesday Morning - Starting to Shoot

Wednesday, 09.07.2011 / 11:30 AM

Three of us -- me, Jenna and Katy -- all had work or class yesterday so we weren't able to take the van down with the rest of the team. We drove down on our own last night and got in around 12:30 in the morning. After just a couple of hours of sleep all three of us were back up and getting ready for our shoots this morning. Jenna shot during the sunrise, so she was in hair and make-up around 4:30 this morning. Katy and I got to sleep in an extra half hour or so; we were the next group out and started shooting around 8/8:30 this morning. By the way, bigh thank you to Harlow Salon for all the help this morning; they take great care of us all season long.

I shot a swim calendar my rookie year with the team when we went out to Destin. I was nervous that time; didn't know what to expect. This time around I know the process a little better and I know the people with the Preds more --- our coach, Jamie, is fabulous in setting up all the locations and shoots and just seems to pick locations that really work for each of us --- so that made me a lot more relaxed and comfortable this time ... even though I didn't get much sleep. I was more at ease through the shoot and just had fun with it today. I shot out front of the main resort here at Watercolor; such pretty grounds. So many good places to work with. Erick Anderson, our photographer, is amazing. He gave me a sneak peek at the shots and I'm really excited to see the final product.

And then I watched on as Katy posed for her shots on a bench out near the sand dunes. But we found enough time to take some more relax photos. Check out our Charlie's Angels pose!

Look forward to seeing you all out at the Preds games this season!

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