Nashville Predators Road Trip Blog: Get Away Day

Monday, 11.04.2013 / 4:48 PM
Jimi Russell  - Nashville Predators

Coming to you live from the L.A. Kings practice facility, the Toyota Sports Center in El Segundo.

The boys are back on the ice this morning after a well-deserved day off yesterday in Santa Monica. Saturday night’s game turned into a bit of a nail-biter as the Kings stormed back to give the Preds a run for their money in the final minutes of the game, but the Preds came out on top as David Legwand continued to have the hot hand on the trip.

After some postgame celebrating on Saturday night, the day off on Sunday allowed us all to get out and enjoy the Southern California weather.

We started the day by shooting the next edition of the Rich Clune Show for Predators Snapshot on FOX Sports. In this edition, Clune interviews one of his new teammates as they walked along the boardwalk in Santa Monica. That’s all you’re getting out of me on it though, so you’ll just have to tune into the next episode of Snapshot before upcoming Preds games. I will point out that the secondary camera work – the scenic views, the wide shots and the interesting angles – were very well shot though (a little shameless self-promotion).

Once we completed the video shoot, I linked up with some of the guys to walk around the Promenade in Santa Monica. It is a nice outdoor mall area with a ton of shops and restaurants. There were also a bunch of, we’ll call them unique, street performers along the Promenade. The most interesting of the bunch was a clown with an uncanny resemblance to a Nashville Predators broadcaster, whose last name may, or may not, rhyme with… well… nothing really rhymes with Crisp.

We also caught a movie while we were out and about. I know what you’re thinking, how could you go see a movie instead of enjoying the sunny weather. Well, it was pretty chilly yesterday afternoon even though the sun was out. We saw Captain Phillips, the tale of the Somali pirate hijacking of the Maersk Alabama. It was a very good movie, and in my opinion, I think Tom Hanks should win an award for his portrayal of the ship’s captain. The film makers also did a good job of showing both sides of the story and creating an emotional connection with the less fortunate pirates (that part of the movie production actually spurred a pretty good conversation at dinner).

On the walk back to the hotel, we stopped off at the infamous Chez Jay restaurant for an adult beverage on our last night in Santa Monica. The little “hole in the wall” place was supposedly a favorite of Wayne Gretzky during his playing days in Los Angeles. After our pit stop it was back to the hotel for a little sleep, after not getting much sleep on Saturday night.

And that brings us to today. After practice this afternoon, we’re headed straight to the airport to board our flight to Denver. Apparently it is snowing in the Mile High City, so I’m going to end this one for now and go dig my overcoat out of the bottom of my suitcase.

Stay tuned – we’ll have a special guest checking in during the next blog.


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